Wedding Spray Tans

Wedding spray tans- we have all seen good ones and bad ones right?

So what is the best approach if you have a wedding coming up? I have created the below list of tips and well, rules, for brides who are considering getting a tan on their wedding day.

  1. Get a Trial: A trial tan is essential, especially if you have never tanned before. A trial prior to the big day will allow you to select the right colour, development time and shade for your skin, so that there are no suprises on the day. Try to get a tan trial at the same time you get your make up trial, so that you will have the same shade on your face as you will on your wedding day.
  2. Prepare your skin: Exfoliate and moisturise for at least week prior to getting your tan. Remove any hair at least 12 hours before, to allow your pores to close up again after shaving. If you are having laser treatment- consult your tanner before your appointment! Wear NO DEODORANT or any kind of cream or oil on your body, to avoid a patchy or streaky effect.
  3. At least 2 days buffer: Get your wedding tan at least 2 days prior to your wedding (any longer may be too much on some people- hence the importance of the trial!). Whilst your tan should not come off on your clothes, if you sweat or get wet on your big day, and your dress is tighter, you may face an issue! 2 days prior is ideal.
  4. Go Light: Lighter is better, less is more. Don’t turn up to your special day looking like you’ve just arrived back from a month in the Carribbean. Stick as close to your natural skin tone as possible, find a qualified tanner who will advise you on the best option for you, and assess after your trial if you need to go lighter or darker.

The wedding tan is not necessarily to be avoided, but make sure you proceed with caution, chose a tanner who you know and trust, or that was recommended to you by someone you know and trust, and make sure you get at least one trial.

Happy Tanning! xoxo