Spray Tanning FAQ’s

What Should I do to Prepare for a Spray Tan?
Preparation of your skin should ideally start a few days prior to your tan (this is not compulsory- but will give the best finish). Begin exfoliating and moisturising each day- twice a day- in the days leading up to your tan. Any hair removal should ideally be done the day before your mobile spray tan. If you do need to do this on the day, blast your body with cold water at the end of your shower to help close the pores on your skin.  On the day of your spray tan, have a shower just prior to your appointment-  and do not apply any kind of cream, oils, deodorant, or moisturiser to any part of your body following your shower.  Anything on your skin will not only stop the tan sinking in, but may also cause a reaction and affect the colour consistency of your tan.
We recommend stopping the use of any skin moisturisers on the day prior to the tan. Also note that some deodorants hang around if you do not scrub thoroughly with warm, soapy water (they are designed to be waterproof after all). Deodorant marks can give an inconsistent finish- so spend those extra few seconds making sure it is all gone!
What Should I Expect in My Appointment?
First time spray Tans can be an overwhelming thought for some people- standing wearing almost nothing in-front of a stranger is not everyone’s idea of fun!
Rest assured that with Cherry Blossom Tans, your spray tan will be applied by a professional, friendly, trained technician who have had experience with spray tanning all shapes and sizes of people!
You can wear your own underwear or can choose to wear nothing if you prefer this option- either way your tanning technician will take a professional and mature approach at all times. Your technician will instruct you as to which directions to face and which positions to stand in. It is important to know that there are a couple of poses which may feel uncomfortable to some people- the technician is focused only on getting the best quality finish, and this means getting tan onto every nook and cranny on your body! If you are uncomfortable at any point please let your technician know.
Males must wear something on their lower half for the comfort of our all female tanning team.
Will I go Orange?
Not with one of our tans! All TechnoTan solutions are made with either a blue, green or red base, so no matter how dark you choose to go, you will not turn orange. The orange colour you see around will generally come form a poor quality solution.
What do I wear while being sprayed?
When getting sprayed you may wear as much or as little as you wish. Most people wear just a G-string or nothing in order to get the best coverage; however this is a personal choice and either way TechnoTan spray technicians are professional and will act in a respectful manner. Disposable G-Strings are available if you choose.
How Long Before my Event Should I book?
We recommend booking your appointment for at least 24 hours, and ideally 48 hours prior to your event, you can book up to 3 days before depending on your needs. Please be advised that the peak tanning times are Thursday and Friday, so if you need a tan on these days be sure to contact us at Cherry Blossom Tans in advance! Please book online using our online system for ease and instant confirmation, link to the right on this website.
What do I wear after being sprayed?
After your Spray Tan, please wear loose fitting clothing (dark in colour is best) that does not cling to your body, with no tight straps that could affect the quality of your tan.
Post Tan Care
Do I still need to apply sunscreen?
It is important to remember that Spray on Tan solution does not contain sunscreen and thus will not protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. So, if you’re planning to head outside to show off your new glow, be sure to apply some sunscreen and take usual precautions when exposed to the sun.
How long will my tan last?
Your tan, depending on your skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care, will generally last between 5 to 7 days for fair skin and 10 to 12 days for olive toned skin. Your Tanner will give you tips to ensure that you get the longest life out of your spray tan. The more you look after your tan, the better the result, please ask your technician during your tanning appointment if you are unclear on how to care for your tan.
How long after my tan can I shower?
Your TechnoTan Technician will advise you as to when it is best to shower after the application of your tan. As the TechnoTan tan solutions differ, the time required for the tan to develop varies. If you decide to shower too quickly, this can impact on the quality and colour of the tan as well as impacting on the length in which the tan lasts. Harsh body washes and soaps can also affect your tan. Between being sprayed and showering avoid any activity that may result in perspiration as this may affect the end result of your tan.
How can I extend the life of my tan?
Moisturising and using a tan extender can significantly improve the duration and fade of your tan
Ensuring that your skin receives daily moisture can make a big difference in how long your tan lasts.
Can I exercise?
Not during the 2 or 6 hour development period. However after you shower you can usually undertake light exercise without damaging the quality of your tan. For special events, we strongly recommend you do not exercise between receiving the tan and your event.
How do I remove my tan?
After your tan has done it’s job, you may wish to remove any traces that you have left on your body. The best method for removing your spray tan is to soak in a long warm bath first for around 10-15 minutes. Then hop out and get into the shower, where you will use a quality exfoliating mitt to gently remove the tan from your body.
Happy Tanning!

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